Important facts about the "branded" e-mail on 

Q. What is the e-mail located at
A.  It is a service similar to hotmail, msn, Yahoo!, or AOL, but with some extra features.

Q.  What is my e-mail address?
A.  Your e-mail address is "yourname @"

Q.  How much does it cost?
A.  About $25.00 per year. 

Q.  How reliable is the service?
A.  It is 100% reliable.  We use this service for our business and personal email accounts.

Q.  Why would I pay for email I can get free?
A.  First, it is email!  Second, you will be supporting this site.  Third, it has spam control features, reliability, and technology (i.e. IMAP) not found on most free services.   

Bottom line: It is a great service... and a Masonic-positive account for Brothers or Lodges.

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